Our History

Christ Chapel began in 1987 as a weekly Bible study group of Advent Christians who lived in the Raymond-Casco-Naples area. This Bible study was conducted by Pastor Ray Penney of the Portland Advent Christian Church. Sensing the need for a strong Bible teaching church in the Sebago Lake Region, the group was led to lease the Main Street, Raymond, property (a telephone building) in May 1988 and to purchase it from the Contel Telephone Company on December 8, 1988.

Six families from the Portland Advent Christian Church were commissioned at a worship service on May 22, 1988 to begin this new work.

By March 1989, the garage of the building was renovated into a sanctuary which could sit 125 people. By mid 1992, Christ Chapel became completely self-supporting and by mid 1995, the chapel moved into its third sanctuary which was a new addition seating 150-175 people.

It soon became evident that the Main street property was not able to support the growing demands of its Christian Education program. A search began for a larger piece of property where the church could expand and grow. However, after two years of praying and searching, nothing was to be found that could meet our needs. It was then that Envision Realty Corporation purchased a large parcel of land adjacent to Crescent Lake off Route 85 on Northern Pines Road. This land included a large retreat building with three floors which housed 24 motel rooms, a commercial kitchen, handicap bathrooms and a function hall which accommodated 250 people. Learning of Christ Chapel's need, Envision Realty approached the church with a gift offer of the retreat building plus 10 acres of land. The donation was received on December 6, 2001. Renovations were made during the year 2002 and 2003. Christ Chapel began worshipping at its new site on September of 2003 with a memorable Thanksgiving service.

The Main street property had become Christ Chapel's Community Center where many community events were being held as well as community needs being met. The Main Street property was sold in 2005, and all community services as well as office proceedings have been moved to the Northern Pines location.

We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.